Friday, May 12, 2017

Embracing the Heart and Soul of America

By Faith Chatham - May 12 ,2017

When we meet those who understand
    what the heart and soul of America is about, 
embrace them. 

Some have roots that go back to Colonial times. 

Others are immigrants who comprehend what we have/are 
     because it is dream they sought in their pain and oppression 
     and cherish now that they are here. 

Some are folks who are perpetually change makers who are too busy 
     extending large and small acts of kindness, 
     endeavoring to make things a little better for all they meet 
to be very introspective. 

Some are writers, poets, teachers and musicians. 

Others are the Grandma or Grandpa of the neighborhood 
     down the block 
     who manages to have a kindly listening ear when needed.

© J. F. Chatham, Arlington, TX 2017

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