Friday, May 12, 2017

Marvin Sutton is the Best Choice for Arlington City Council - Run Off June 6th

By Faith Chatham - May 12, 2017

South East Arlington Councilman Robert Rivera has a new job with the Texas Lottery Commission. His seat is open and Democrat Marvin Sutton and Tea Party favorite Roxanne Thalman are on the ballot for the June Run-off.

Both candidate have served our community. Sutton has served longer and in many more capacities. His understanding of government, process, and commitment to Civil Rights and economic development elevate him, in our opinion, as the best qualified person for this seat.

For the past three state and federal election cycles, the majority of voters from South East Arlington have favored progressive candidates. Rivera, a Republican, always attracted bi-partisan support and for  over a decade  had little competition in retaining his City Council seat.. It is probably that Ms. Thalman is out of step with the vision and needs of the majority of residents in that part of the City.

Arlington is the largest city in the United States to not have any form of mass transit other than Handitran and a pilot shuttle program that runs from UTA to the Trinity Rail Station. It is part of  an important air corridor and Sutton's governmental experience in Transportation can be  a plus on the City Council. As an Air Traffic Controller, he understands logistics which can prove invaluable when facing some of the complexities of providing currently needed services and planning for future growth.

Arlington competes with younger suburbs yet has little land available for new development. The challenges of a land-locked city with a greying population in a city where the largest employer is the University of Texas requires balance and presents a unique bundle of challenges for policy makers. It is our opinion that Sutton has a clear comprehension of these realities and the determination to face them seeking solutions that  benefit the residents of this city.  His maturity, life experience, professional career, and rich network of community activists places him in a position to listen, research and respond to the unique needs of the people of this community.

Marvin Sutton will bring balance to the City Council. Even though this is a non-partisan race, most voters understand the party affiliations of those who serve on the Council. Arlington is a "purple city" and the district seat which will be filled in June is one in which the majority of every precinct in that region featuring contested races was carried by Democratic candidates  for Congress, Texas House and US President. There are no Democrats currently serving on the Arlington City Council. Many think that this is the best opportunity voters have had in many election cycles to add a council person who will be responsive to all the residents in the district and who can provide some balance.

Even though Sutton got the highest percentage of votes in the May election, should the Tea Party and GOP candidates unite, they could take the seat. It will require work and to gain this seat, donations are needed. To Contribute to Marvin Sutton's Campaign
Note:   This article has been edited to correct a mistatement. Robert Rivera is a life-long Republican and never switched from Democrat to Republican. 

Embracing the Heart and Soul of America

By Faith Chatham - May 12 ,2017

When we meet those who understand
    what the heart and soul of America is about, 
embrace them. 

Some have roots that go back to Colonial times. 

Others are immigrants who comprehend what we have/are 
     because it is dream they sought in their pain and oppression 
     and cherish now that they are here. 

Some are folks who are perpetually change makers who are too busy 
     extending large and small acts of kindness, 
     endeavoring to make things a little better for all they meet 
to be very introspective. 

Some are writers, poets, teachers and musicians. 

Others are the Grandma or Grandpa of the neighborhood 
     down the block 
     who manages to have a kindly listening ear when needed.

© J. F. Chatham, Arlington, TX 2017