Saturday, September 19, 2015

New Authors have been invited to contribute to "Reclaiming the Texas Turf"

By Faith Chatham - September 19, 2015
"Reclaiming the Texas Turf" was established in 2008 as a sister site to "Wise Women Won't Wait Any More", "Grassroots News U Can Use" and "About Air and Water".

During periods of intense political campaign activity in Texas, we have used these sites to communicate about issues and candidates who often were ignored by the "main-stream media."

Behind the scenes for years Steve Blair assisted with these sites. My name was usually more prominent, but his hand and brain was always there feeding me research and serving as a sounding board.  With his illness and death, and my involvement as Chief of Staff for a U.S. Congressional Campaign in 2014, these sites frequently grew stale and/or were neglected.

This year is an important election year. With the launch of the Texas Federal Blue Seed PAC in February, my calendar remains full. It is essential that we communicate to Texans and to the nation about Texas Progressives who are fighting on the ground to regain the Texas Turf, to return our nation to the people and to the values upon which our nation is founded, and to take back control of our political system from a few deep-pocketed multi-billionaires.

Instead of attempting to be the "gatekeeper" for these sites, I am opening them up to various trusted progressive leaders who are either running for public office in 2016, actively engaged in political organizing in their communities, or are folks who I know who are "in the know" and have constructive news to share.

The posts will be from the viewpoint of the poster and frequently will probably vary from my own political position or that of others associated with "Reclaiming the Texas Turf."  Comments will remain moderated. This is necessary to screen out spam.

These changes are being made to enable a fuller use of a resource which has informed, created dialogue and occasionally inspired. Hopefully, by engaging these new contributors, we will be able to inform more people about more things before it is too late to act and make a difference.

If you have received an invitation to contribute to this site and need assistance, please contact Faith Chatham.

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