Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Texas needs qualified men and women of integrity in public service

By Faith Chatham - Oct. 9, 2007
Fielding candidates for public office who are unsuited for the job is counter productive to the welfare of the people of Texas. Selecting nominees who who can be "sold to the public" but who are incapable of functioning effectively once in office is detrimental bad political policy. This state has suffered through the incompetence of Susan Combs while she was Agriculture Commission and currently as State Comptroller of Public Accounts, she is an embarrashment. (Refusing to recognize the standards of public accounting, she urged lawmakers to vote that Texas would not comply with GAP!)

We have witnessed the Republican field ill-prepared individuals for stategic offices. Now the some Democrats are attempting to place the wrong candidate in the Rail Road Commission. Art Hall of San Antonio, an attorney/investment banker, who is Vice President of Banco Popular, an international corporation with vast financial holdings in many nations, has announced his intention of challenging Dale Henry in the Democratic primary for Rail Road Commissioner.

Hall has no professional credential which allow him to understand the complexities of oil and gas production/regulation. His background as an attorney is not in this field. His profession experience is not in mineral/energy production/regulation and unlike Henry, Hall is not trained as a petroleum engineer. Although Hall is a Harvard grad, he is a light weight when compared to Dale Henry when it comes to the experience, professional background, technical understanding and education required to exercise the responsibilities of this office with excellence.

Dale Henry has over 50 years training and experience as a petroleum engineer and businessman. He has developed tools which have revolutionized the oil industry. He is a man of integrity. He believes in reasonable regulation of the oil and gas industry. He values the integrity of neighborhoods and believes that oil/gas resources in Texas should be developed without compromising the water, health and welfare, and residential nighborhoods. Dale Henry's professional experience and education enables him to understand the processes and tools available in the oil and gas market which can jeporadize or benefit Texans. He knows what safeguards are needed and what regulations/processes are unnecessary. He's been around the block in the energy field several times and knows the landscape and the tricks and pitfalls.

He has been advising Texas homeowners of these pitfalls without renumeration. He is a champion, fighting to protect the property rights of Texans from exercise of eminent domain for private gain. He has traveled this state testifying at Texas Department of Transportation Hearings all over Texas.

Texas needs Dale Henry on the Rail Road Commission. Pipelines are a major facet of the proposed Trans Texas Corridor. Dale Henry opposes the Trans Texas Corridor. Art Hall is the husband of an attorney for Valero Energy. Valero Energy donated over $111,342.32 from November 2002 through December 2006 to Texas Legislators and Congressional candidates/incumbents PAC. All went to Republicans except for $2,000.00 which went to Paula Hightower-Pierson, a freshman Democrat from Arlington whose huband was a delegate to the National Republican Convention which nominated George W. Bush as President of the USA. Hightower-Pierson has a consistent records while on the Arlington City Council of supporting exercise of public domain for the private profit of George W. Bush. She celebrated when citizens of Arlington were taxed to build the Texas Ranger's stadium. When George W. Bush sold the Rangers he made the first profit he'd ever shown in any of his business enterprises. Valero, which probably hopes to have an interest in the pipelines associated with the Trans Texas Corridor, has contributed over $20,000.00 to Tom Craddick in the past two years.

Dale Henry is not pursuing any business which will involve proposed pipelines. He is not seeking to capitalize by stripping Texans of their farms, ranches, homes and businesses to build the NAFTA Super Highway. His wife is not an attorney with Valero Energy, which has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in Republican campaigns attempting to gain favor in future infrastructure projects and energy regulations.

Dale Henry has the right skill/education set.
Art Hall has active ties with special interests which should not have representation in the Rail Road Commission, the agency in Texas charged with regulation oil and gas/mineral production in Texas.

The Railroad Commission should not be filled with people with ties to ambitions international corporates. Representatives of companies seeking to profit from the decisions of the Commission should not be nominated by either political party. Citizens of Texas along all of the political spectrums should examine the affiliations of those seeking to regulate this state's energy market, production and/or delivery infrastructure. Along with the PUC and State Legislature, the Texas Railroad Commission sets policies which ultimately shifts the wealth of citizens of Texas from various pocketbooks. Right now utility bills of individuals and businesses is shifting a lot of dollars from everybody's bank accounts into those of a few. Railroad Commission policies sets safeguards during exploration and production. The PUC's policies (set through Legislation)impacts utilities and consumers.

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